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Wooden bath mats have that high class look and offer a feel and texture that you normally find in a spa. As with all mats, you want to make sure it does not slip however, what is the point when you slip when you are on it.  I think you are more imporant than the bath mat so make sure the surface is not slippery as well.

Ensure you purchase a mat which is large enough to cover the area you typically use when having a shower.  Depending on your situation, you might prefer a roll up mat, which is a wooden bath mat which you can either hang over a tub or roll up and put away.

The typical wodden bath mats are made of either bamboo, teak or cedar wood.  For the environmentalist the type of wood might matter and some are considered to be sustainable such as bamboo. There are also mats which are simulated wood products, i.e. plastic which look the same however they don't quite have the appeal that you might be looking for in your bathroom.

A cedar bath mat can absorb waer and as it resists roting will dry naturally.  Cedar wood will resist mold and mildew which means less work for you.  Some of these wooden bath mats have a tendency to pool the water on top of them and therefore when you're finished your shower you need to dry or towel off the mat. Another alternative would be to lift it up and drape it over the bathtub. 

It helps when the feet of the mat contain rubber as this will improve the grip of the mat on the shower floor.

You can use these mats either in or outside of the bathtub or shower.

Another aspect of wooden bath mats is the feel they have on your feet.  Some people quite enjoy the sensation of the wood on their feet either when they get up out of bed or whether standing in the shower. Others find that the wood hurts their feet and thus prefer something softer.

Because these bath mat's are made of wood they insulate your feet against the cold of the shower floor.

You can also use these wooden mats outside when you go camping for instance you can place them in front of your tent or trailer and they give you just a little bit more height, which depending on the type of day it is, could keep you out of the water.

Below are some highly rated
wooden bath mats from Amazon. You might find that by reading the reviews you can let other people's experience help you in making your choice.