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Vinyl shower curtains feature many different styles and patterns

The uniqueness of vinyl allows these shower curtains to range from transparent to opaque

Vinyl shower curtains are one the most common types of shower curtains. They are completely waterproof and therefore do not require a shower curtain liner. They come in a wide variety of quality, styles, and cost points. Having a clear vinyl window as part of your vinyl shower curtain will bring a lot more light into your shower area. 

You can also obtain completely clear shower curtains. This may be an advantage or disadvantage depending on what you are looking for. By adding dyes or other additives, the curtain will change from clear to translucent and finally opaque. This is one of the advantages of vinyl, you can do anything with it.

Vinyl shower curtains are made of polyvinyl chloride, a polymer or plastic which contains a large amount of chemicals called plasticizers and are therefore not recommended for people with chemical allergies. These additives give vinyl shower curtains their range of properties from stiff to soft and from clear to opaque.


To clean vinyl shower curtains, many people just throw them

into the laundry to be washed however others manually clean them by washing them while the curtain hangs from the rod in the bathroom or by removing the curtain and washing it outside using soap and water. Read the manufacturers direction if you are unsure how to clean a vinyl shower curtain.

Vinyl shower curtains can be one of your options if you want an inexpensive shower curtain. You may be able to pick one up for less than two dollars at a discount store. However, remember you generally get what your pay for.  Here are a few 
cool vinyl shower curtains to take a look at. Some of the offerings are quite inexpensive while others offer higher quality and of course a higher price.  Also remember, that these shower curtains do not need a liner as they are 100% waterproof.