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Shower curtain rings can add that little bit of pizzazz that you may be seeking

Curtain rings no longer have to be made of metal and shaped like a pear

Shower curtain rings are considered invisible in most bathrooms even though they are generally necessary to secure your shower curtain to the rod. These rings go over the shower curtain rod and through the reinforced holes in the top of the shower curtain.  These simple curtain hangers can really finish off your bathroom and give it that extra - ah she has it all together look.  Good, curtain rings also improve the ease at which you can open and close your shower curtain.  With the improved moveability of your curtain you are less likely to damage it and therefore, it should last longer.

Shower Curtain Rings

Plain shower curtain hooks are generally made of stainless steel or plastic although you can find ones which are nickel, chrome or bronze plated. Call them novelty items or unique, but you can also purchase gold plated shower curtain rings. Decorative designs featuring mermaids or sea shells can be found which will complement or accent your shower curtain and other bathroom accessories. Besides the standard shaped shower rings some are extra long or come in a spiral shape. These spiral shaped rings thread through the holes on the top of the shower curtain and do not need to be clipped together making it easier on you when you take your shower curtain down for cleaning.

When using shower hooks or rings, make sure you choose a shower curtain that has reinforced holes as sooner rather than later you will pull on the curtain, and if the holes are not reinforced, there is a chance that the curtain will rip. Some curtain holes are reinforced with metal grommets while many just have thicker plastic around the hole.

Shower curtain rings have to be removed when you want to wash your curtain so make sure the hooks you purchase can be opened easily. Shower curtain rings and hooks are generally sold by the dozen because the majority of shower curtains contain twelve holes.