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A shower curtain liner is a must have if you have a cotton or fabric shower curtain

Create your own shower with an extra wide shower curtain liner


Shower curtain liners save you time by keeping the water off of your natural fiber, such as cotton or linen, shower curtain. They are generally much cheaper than your bathroom shower curtain and can be quickly washed if they get dirty. As they generally reside behind the shower curtain and are out of site, a simple white vinyl curtain liner or clear liner is generally all that is purchased by most people.


Most shower curtain liners are 72" wide, waterproof and are made of vinyl. Vinyl has the advantage of coming in a number of different grades and can also be clear or translucent. Very inexpensive vinyl liners will likely keep the fold which originates in the package however, the higher grade materials should ultimately show no folds.


If you require a shower curtain liner now then shop when you want with online merchants instead of when the malls are open. Take a look at these shower curtain liners to get a feel for what is out there.  Also, extra wide shower curtain liners which can be up to 108" wide and are useful when you want to cover more than one side of a tub are all available to you 24/7.