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Shower curtain hooks come in many decorative styles, materials and shapes

Shower hooks can add design elements to your bathroom

Most shower curtains are held in place using shower curtain hooks. These shower hooks go over the shower curtain rod and through holes in the top of the shower curtain. Simple curtain hooks are plain stainless steel or plastic rings. For a few dollars more you can get elaborate hooks that complement or accent your shower curtain and or other bathroom accessories you may have.

For added uniqueness, consider spiral shower rod hooks, which thread through the holes on a shower curtain and do not need to be clipped together for them to look proper.

When using hooks, make sure you choose a shower curtain that has reinforced holes as sooner, rather than later, you will pull on the curtain, and when the holes are not reinforced, there is a chance that the curtain will rip. Some curtain holes are reinforced with metal rings, called grommets while many just have thicker plastic around the hole.

One large advantage that shower hooks and rings have over hookless shower curtains is that shower curtain hooks now come in many different designs and styles such as curtain hooks with a mermaid motif which can accent your shower curtain.

When you want to wash your shower curtain the hooks will have to come off so make sure the hooks you purchase can be opened and removed easily. Shower curtain hooks and rings cost somewhere between two to twenty dollars and are generally sold by the dozen because the majority of curtains contain twelve holes. Here is a sampling of a wide variety of the shapes and styles of shower curtain hooks.