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Building a shower base is a critical part of any shower

Every time you take a shower, you are standing on a shower base. The base of a shower is generally made of fiberglass reinforced acrylic, metal, ceramic tile, marble or stone. If you are building a shower from scratch, this is where you would start. From here you can add the sides and finally, a shower door.   The great thing about installing a shower pan is that you can totally control the design of your shower.

Shower bases come in many different styles and shapes

There are so many different styles and shapes of shower trays to choose from these days. You can select the shape, location of the drain, height of the walls unless of course you are looking for a unit without walls, color and size. The shapes vary from round, square, rectangle, neo-angle and a number of other custom shapes that you will find interesting. If you are looking at building a new home you will need to plan your bathroom.

Once complete and in use you have to remember to clean out your shower drain generally located on the bottom of your shower base every once in a while. Over time the drain will collect hair and other bits of soap and debris which ultimately leads to a clogged shower drain. If this situation arises, I normally take off the drain cover and removed the hair that has built up over time.  If this does not solve your problem, then you may want to talk to a plumber.

Interested in building your own shower, get an idea of what is available by looking at these shower basesYou will find the three main designs: square, rectangular and neo-angle.  Once you have an idea of what is available you can start planning your new shower.  You might want to check out YouTube videos for some helpful information on how to install a shower base.

Another alternative is use the services of a contractor.  Check out your yellow pages for a qualified contractor in your area.