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Monkey Shower Curtain

A monkey shower curtain is one way to bring the jungle into your bathroom

This novel shower curtain can bring out the monkey in you

Giving monkey shower curtains to your friends is one gift that they will not be expecting but you can be assured they will remember you every day after they start to use it. A monkey shower curtain can turn your bathroom into a tropical paradise if you choose to add more monkeys or bananas to you bathroom by purchasing monkey waste paper baskets, awnings, mats, soap and shampoo dispensers or rugs. This fantasy land can come to you simply by changing the design on your shower curtain. It takes about 5 minutes to change a shower curtain. What else can you do to your bathroom so quickly that will have as much affect.

The majority of curtains sold display animated monkeys and are made of vinyl. As these curtains are generally sold as novelty items you should be looking for a relatively inexpensive curtain. Vinyl curtains are totally waterproof and as such do not require liners. If your curtain becomes dirty, generally washing it in your cloths washer using the gentle cycle or spraying it with a garden hose and scrubbing it will get it clean and then just air dry it.

There are a couple of online stores that feature monkey shower curtains. If you are ready to start window shopping, the screen below will lead you directly to a few of the monkey shower curtains on the market.