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Glass Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosures Made of Glass are Elegant

We recently spent a couple of weeks in China in a number of four star hotels and they all contained a glass shower.  There is something about stepping into a glass shower that I find really enticing as it seems to offer a scale up quality that a typical bathtub shower does not have.

The pictures on this page are all from various Chinese hotels and I think you will find them quite inviting.

The one show below consists of three tiled walls and a large glass shower door and glass side.  The door has a handle on it which doubles as a towel rack.  This particular shower had a window in it which looked into the bedroom which I did not particularily care for.  The shower was very large and had ceramic tiles on the floor.  It also contained a rain shower head as well as a hand held wand.

Elegant glass shower enclosure with one glass side

A close up of the rain shower head and the hand held wand are shown below.  For me I find the rain shower heads interesting as they douse you with a large amount of water yet I think I prefer the standard shower head.  This is likely because when you are shampooing your hair you have to be out of the water spray and you feel cold.

Rain shower head

The glass shower enclosure shown below has three glass sides, a ceramic tile floor and a ceramic tiled wall to complete the shower.  There is a bit of an edge on the shower base which holds any water back from escaping through the door and getting onto the floor.

Glass shower enclosure with three glass slides.

Here is a medium sized corner glass shower stall which has two sides made of glass and two made of ceramic.  In this case, the shower head could also be taken off and used as a wand.  I do not really like that type of set up because ocassionally when you turn the water on the pressure pushes the wand out of the holder and water sprays all over the place.

Corner glass shower stall.

Finally, here is small corner glass shower enclosure.  In this case, the shower was about 30" wide and 30" deep with a curved sliding front door.  So when you have a tight space you could consider this type small shower stall.

Small corner glass shower enclosure

For those that are interested, we booked a group tour through which is a Chinese based travel agent out of Xian.  They operate similar to many other travel agencies in China in that a tour guide picks you up at the airport and takes you to your hotel.  The next day they pick you up and tour you around to your prearranged destinations.  Lunch is generally included and the tour day generally lasts from 9 - 5.  When you are finished your tour in the first city they guide drops you at the airport making sure you make it up to the security zone with tickets in hand.  When you get off the plane/train another guide is waiting to pick you up and you repeat the process.  We had a great time and saw lots of interesting things.