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Glass shower doors can be frameless, framed, sliding or split

Light fills your shower when you have a glass shower door


Glass shower doors offer a degree of elegance and enhance the visual appearance of your bathroom. There is something about looking at a large clear sheet of glass which real upscales your bathroom.

Many shower stalls use large shower doors to enter and exit a shower. This is one way people with physical disabilities or who are wheelchair bound can take a shower. By using a barrier free shower, fitted with a hinged,  glass shower door you will once again be able to take a shower.

Doors made of glass are quite common place. In most cases they are made of clear safety glass. There are a number of different types of shower doors. The main types of doors are sliding, split, framed and frameless. A sliding door generally runs along a track. Hinged doors can be found on framed and frameless doors. Frameless doors tend to use thicker glass but are more visually appealing.

To find out more about the types of glass doors made for showers on the market, take a look at these glass shower doors. Before buying a shower door make sure you take the proper measurements.