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Fiberglass Shower Enclosure

A fiberglass shower enclosure can come in sections or one piece units  

Reduce your cleaning workload with fiberglass showers

Shower enclosures can be made of heavy plastic, glass, or fiberglass. Fiberglass shower enclosures can come in sections or as one piece. The advantage of a shower stall that comes in sections is that you can easily transport it, carry it and maneuver it in your home. Some models offer the advantage of being of lower cost than other types of material.

Fiberglass tends to be white or some other opaque color. You will not find clear fiberglass structures. Fiberglass is tough, will not rot or corrode, generally will not shatter when hit and is much lighter than glass. Like most products, the quality of these shower enclosures varies greatly. You can purchase one that will last for a while or most of your lifetime. It all depends on how well they are made, on what type of frame they are built on and what materials are used to manufacture the unit. Stalls made of fiberglass need reinforcing panels in the back to offer support. It is likely worth the extra money to purchase a good fiberglass unit which you will be happy with in the years to come.

If your old fiberglass shower is looking a bit run down and if purchasing new is not what you are after you may want to think about purchasing a new fiberglass shower enclosure.

To see what style of fiberglass shower enclosures are available please follow the links below. Each one will take you to pages featuring shower stalls manufactured with fiberglass. If you are purchasing a one piece system for a already built home make sure you can transport it through your doorways and hallways.