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Dragonfly Shower Curtain


Dragonfly shower curtains can feature other naturally flying beauties

Bring nature into your bathroom with a shower curtain featuring a dragon fly 


For the nature lover you know or perhaps even yourself, a dragonfly shower curtain could be a great unexpected gift in which you will be remember every day. This nature loving curtain can bring a fresh outdoor feeling to your bathroom. A dragon fly is a mysterious insect with beautiful colors and a large wingspan. Many people will remember running around as a child trying to catch a dragon fly.

Getting tired of your current shower curtain, for less than the cost of a pizza, you can be the proud owner of a shower curtain with a dragonfly design. One popular variation of this curtain is a shower curtain which features a dragon fly and butterfly combination mixed together in the same natural setting. Shower curtains featuring dragonflies generally are made of vinyl, polyester or cotton. Ensure that a vinyl shower curtain liner is used to protect your natural fiber or cotton shower curtain.


To add more dragonflies to your bathroom you may want to consider adding a waste paper basket, mat, soap and shampoo dispensers or rug to your bathroom. Here are a couple of dragonfly shower curtain which are available. Take a look and start to plan for your new bathroom.