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The type of decorative bath mats which you can find today are quite varied and you should be able to find one which will put a smile on your face. One of the advantages of having the right bath mat is that it gives you peace of mind. With the proper bath mat whether it be decorative or just functional you know that your safety has been taken care of.

To add to your comfort when you walk into your bathroom or shower the bathmat aligns with the overall feeling that you want to present in that room. Decorative bath mats can vary from exotic woods such as bamboo, cedar or teak to mats which have interesting designs or they can also look interesting such as a pebbled bathmat.

For your peace of mind, the bottom line with all mats are that they don't slip and that you do not slip on them. It only takes one fall with a bad outcome to change your freedom for the remainder of your life. So while decorative bath mats can play a role in providing the type of ambience that you want in your bathroom or shower in my books, I think the safety aspect has to be put first.

Depending on how a vinyl mat is made, it may have a tendency to have a lot of plasticizer in it. This is because the plasticizer is used to make the vinyl soft. One of the advantages of vinyl is it can come in many shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Unfortunately the downside is they tend to smell a fair bit if this is an issue for you, and who wouldn't be concerned about a bathroom that stinks, you might want to look for decorative bath mats made from a more natural material.

One of the other things you should be aware of is that from a comfort and safety perspective make sure you measure the area that you want to cover before ordering your bath mat. There's no point buying a shower mat that is simply too small as this will just cause you frustration and then you'll either end up throwing it out or buying a second one to cover the appropriate area.

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