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Custom shower curtain rods come in many different syles and shapes

Design your next shower rod to fit your shower ideas

Looking to build your own shower or just looking for something different you may need to be looking for custom shower curtain rods. If you have a specific design or shape which you need your shower rod to be then getting one custom made can be an option. If you can dream it, someone can make it. While you may pay a bit more for a shower rod that is customized for you, it will give you a sense of appreciation when the shower is completed.

There are a number of custom shower curtain rods on the market. You can purchase just about any shape you want but the standard shapes are U, L, D, circular, oval, rectangle, crescent, neo angle and curved shower rods. These rods can come in a number of metal finishes but the common ones are brass, chrome, aluminum and nickel. Because of their shape many of these customized shower curtain rods need to be screw mounted into the walls in your bathroom to secure them in place.  Also, many of them need to be supported from the ceiling for extra support. 

If you are looking for a personalized shower rod, you generally have to go to a specialty shop. However, I have not yet found a good, online merchant who manufactures these types of custom shower curtain rods.  I have found a number of rods which will give you an idea of what custom shower curtain rods may look like and they are presented in the video below. When customizing a shower curtain rod, remember the saying - measure twice and order once.