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Bathroom showers are a quick way to start your day

Relax in your bathroom shower

There are two types of bathroom showers. In one case, there is the standard bathtub shower combination in which the shower head resides above the tub. This is a great combination and if you only have one bathroom this is likely the best choice for you as you can either have a bath or shower.  Kids will generally prefer baths so for families this is a must have.  As your children grow older showers become more inviting.  The main disadvangae of a bathtub is the space required and the amount of water required to fill it.

The other popular version of a shower is the shower stall.  The two main advantages of a shower stall is that it is smaller than a tub and therefore can fit into a smaller area. Shower stalls generally consume less water as well.  The main way to save on water with a shower is to reduce the flow of water through the shower head.  For other tips on making your bathroom more environmentally friendly or green visit
Remodel Quick Tips.   

As you age or if you have elderly people in your home, the ability to sit down while bathing becomes a concern.  This can be handled in two ways with either of the above options.  In a bathtub sitting is the natural way in which one takes a bath although elderly people may start to find it difficult to climb over the sides of a tub.  In a bathroom shower, a shower chair can be used which enables the person to sit while bathing.  Shower stalls with chairs have an advantage in that the elderly person can walk straight into the shower without climbing over a large step.

What do you do when you are unsure of how you want your bathroom shower to look and cannot decide on how to build it.  You may want to speak to a contractor.  These contractors will give you some ideas on great bathroom design ideas.

Both types of bathroom showers require either shower curtains or shower doors of some type to ensure the water does not get onto the floor. There are a wide variety of choices when you have to make your decision. Shower curtains are made of cotton, hemp, polyester, nylon and vinyl and come in many styles. Shower doors are generally made of either glass, fiberglass or plastic.  They can be opaque, translucent or clear.

You can also add a number of accessories to your bathroom showers are available by spending a bit of time searching through what our merchant has to offer. No harm in looking and once you decide what you are after you can easily purchase what your are looking for.